Craig is a passionate designer who will always go the extra mile to produce the highest quality work. Craig understands the intricacies of multichannel creative campaigns and execution - whether the best materials to use in a sustainable window display or the animation required to bring a digital asset to life - Craig pays attention to every detail in the process. As a manager, Craig is clear and direct and hugely supportive of his team. It was a real pleasure to work with him at FatFace.

Keely Stocker Marketing and Brand Communications Director, FatFace 

Craig is a passionate, creative ball of energy. He always gets stuck in and wants to help people resolve challenges and leave his positive mark on both people and the work itself. He is a key asset in a creative team.

Mark Wright COO, FatFace 

I had the privilege of working with Craig for 3 years while CEO at FatFace. Craig is super talented, a highly creative individual who is also a fabulous leader. Adaptable, calm under pressure & able to engage with people at all levels of on organisation in a positive and hugely motivating way. Nurtures and celebrates talent & creates winning team cultures. A great brand ambassador and asset to any company who has the privilege of working with him.

Liz Evans CEO, FatFace 

Craig is a very talented designer; passionate about design and has both a creative and methodical approach. I recruited Craig to join the Creative Team at FatFace as Senior Designer, having been impressed by his creative portfolio, capabilities and positive manner. I was not disappointed. Craig hit the ground running, working on the creative execution of sizeable and successful seasonal campaigns. He also quickly and confidently took on the managerial responsibilities of other designers. In summary, Craig is a great designer with strong technical ability and excellent attention to detail. He has the potential to flourish in more a leadership/managerial role. I would highly recommend him and welcome the opportunity to work with him again.

Pav Kalsi Head of Creative, FatFace

Craig is a designer that takes his job very seriously. He makes sure he follows the trends in design world and keeps up to speed with what's happening in design industry. In his work he makes sure that the design is perfect until he is 100% satisfied, we are talking pixel-level here. Craig is the most fierce brand style watch dog I've ever met (and I met quite a few :-)). Craig is not only a web designer, in his time at Jobsite he did millions of offline design jobs as well. From flyers to exhibition booths, from banners to redesign (and execute!) the complete office space.

Mirjam Aardoom Marketing Director, Stepstone

Craig worked in my team for two years, heading up our design function. Craig has wide ranging digital and print experience, both B2C and B2B and from email to brand, mobile to video. Craig brings a creative and fresh approach to a brief, constructively challenges colleagues with alternative solutions that they may not have considered and always hit a deadline on time and budget. Importantly, Craig also always looks for ways to develop his skills and those of his team - keeping bang up to date with new design trends.

Fiona Rigby Head Of Marketing, Jobsite

I have worked with Craig for over a year (at time of writing: Sept 2014) and am extremely impressed with his ability to add value through better design. From responsive website design, to event sales collateral and stand creative, sponsorship creative for Portsmouth Football Club and the Jobsite office redesign; he can transform tired and cliched designs into engaging ad content that has seen CTR increases of over four fold. Craig manages a team of two and several agency relationships, including CSR partnerships.

Sophie Relf, Marketing Director, Jobsite

Craig immersed himself in the projects I worked with him on; never cutting corners, repeatedly coming up with new and innovative ideas and options, keen to learn and willing to listen to others suggestions. Craig was willing to go above and beyond in order to get the job done and takes great pride in his work.

David Henderson Chief Operating Officer, Jobsite